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Burning Souls

David Chernushenko
Format paperback
Publisher Green & Gold
ISBN 9781999113803
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To survive, the world must change. To survive, four friends must remain steadfast.

Burning Souls is a dramatic tale of courage and friendship in a time of political turmoil and ecological collapse.

Long time best friends Simone, Sagan, Jenny and Jiro learned of the predatory practices driving climate breakdown and social collapse, in a time and place when they could dream of making a difference.

And did.

But as they confront a world where change frequently meets resistance and backlash, they are called on to decide what matters to them most: loyalty, courage, love, integrity, speaking the truth...and saving humanity from its own destruction.

The stakes are high, and civilized society hangs in the balance. As events spiral out of their control, how much are they each willing to sacrifice to save it?